Belfast pilots digital currencies to ‘nudge’ citizen behaviour

This week, Belfast City Council and tech company Colu announced a partnership to roll out Belfast Coin, which claims to be the UK’s first city-wide digital currency designed specifically to “encourage positive everyday activities”. It will be deployed to boost the city’s economy and help meet environmental goals.

Belfast Coin, which will be launched later this year, will operate as a rewards platform, encouraging the Belfast public towards “impactful behaviours” to improve the city.

Residents will accumulate Belfast Coins in return for activities such as shopping at local businesses, volunteering, civic activity and more.

By motivating Belfast residents to make a positive difference, the Council hopes Belfast Coin will strengthen citizens’ connection to the city they live in.

The currency will be accepted as payment at local businesses across the city, including shops, cafes, restaurants and more. Residents just need to download the app and connect a payment card.