Battery electric train deliveries to quadruple in 2023 says IDTechEx

The new IDTechEx report “Battery Electric & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trains 2023-2043” assesses the global opportunities emerging for battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell (FC) trains as energy storage technologies advance rapidly. Granular 20-year forecasts include train deliveries, battery demand (GWh), fuel cell demand (MW) and market value (US$ billion) across locomotive (BEL), multiple unit, and shunter trains. The cost evolution of railroad batteries, FCs and green hydrogen is also explored to assess long-term feasibility.

Indeed, the new IDTechEx report shows that demand for ‘untethered’ electric trains will increase rapidly over the coming years, with sales growing four-fold year-on-year to reach over 100 deliveries in 2023. The primary drivers are rail OEMs and operators seeking to reduce high diesel costs, as well as self-made climate targets set to align with broader goals such as the Paris Agreement and ‘Fit for 55’ in Europe.