BATA Launches New On-Demand Service With Ride-Hailing App, Smaller Vehicles

Traverse City residents in need of a quick ride now have another option besides cabs, Lyft, and Uber: Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) launched a new service this weekend called Link On-Demand, allowing users to hail a ride with a smart phone app, track their vehicle (a transit van or small bus), and pay a flat rate for the ride.

BATA launched the program as a one-year pilot to replace its traditional dial-a-ride program in the Traverse City area. Similar to ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, Link On-Demand has users download a smartphone app called TransLoc, link a payment method to the account, and use the app to hail rides in real time. The app allows users to track their ride and receive an alert when it has arrived, as well as when they’re about to reach their destination.