AV policy should focus on safety and public trust, experts say

At this year’s digital CES, AV experts from the public and private sector weighed in on ways government and industry leaders can strengthen the technology and public support through policy and regulations.

“Fully autonomous driving isn’t the future, it’s here today, and policymakers really need to be focused on this transformative technology,” said David Quinalty, head of federal policy and government affairs at Waymo.

In 2020, former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao unveiled the federal government’s latest ‘4.0’ AV guidelines. The effort, unveiled in her keynote speech at last year’s CES, was created to help unify the 38 federal departments and agencies working to advance safe AV deployment.

Since then, U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Deputy Assistant Director for Policy Finch Fulton said AV 4.0 has progressed “very well.”…

Expanding consumer awareness will be essential moving forward, Jamie Boone, the director of technology and innovation policy at Toyota Motor North America, said at CES.