AutoX releases video of its unmanned Robotaxi navigating a busy Shenzhen village at night

In the official video released, the fully driverless Robotaxi was seen gracefully navigating the dense, chaotic public roads in a Chinese urban village. The car deftly maneuvered its way around various potential impediments in the form of pedestrians, pets, motorists, and static roadside barriers during evening rush hour.

The video which was filmed in a Shenzhen urban village shows several onlookers catching a glimpse of the driverless cars without passengers moving through the streets. A few of the pedestrians were seen filming or taking photos of the spectacular car.

The RoboTaxi was seen to come out tops when it was faced with a tricky situation. It maneuvered through an extremely narrow lane that is only wide enough for one vehicle while also facing an oncoming human-driven vehicle. In such situations, the RoboTaxi had acted intelligently to come out unscathed.