Autotalks completes C-V2X field test on public road in China

Israeli startup Autotalks said it’s gaining momentum in the Chinese market following the successful completion of a C-V2X field test with an unnamed Chinese technology giant.

Other field tests have been done before; what’s special about this one is it was conducted mid-day in real traffic on a public road in China, according to Yaniv Sulkes, vice president of business development and marketing at Autotalks…

Because Autotalks can support both DSRC and C-V2X on the same chipset, it stands to win regardless of which technology dominates. But, Sulkes said the ideal is for a single standard in a given geography. The two standards are not interoperable, and since vehicles will need to talk to one another, it’s important that they’re talking the same language, but it isn’t as critical in his view to have the same language used throughout the world.