Autonomous Vehicles to Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

More than three dozen universities from around the world have signed up for the Indy Autonomous Challenge, a race to be held at the speedway in October 2021 featuring self-driving racing cars. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the Graz University of Technology in Austria are among those who have signed up to participate.

The race is designed as a head-to-head, 20-lap contest, in which teams must cross the finish line in under 25 minutes. At stake is a $1.5 million cash prize, but organizers and participants say that the real goal of the competition is to catapult autonomous vehicle technology forward…

The teams, which signed up last year, are preparing for a virtual simulation of the race as part of the next phase of the challenge in February. They will use technology provided by engineering simulation specialist Ansys Inc., which is offering a $150,000 prize for the best-performing team in this round.