Autonomous vehicles part of discussion at Southwestern Pa. Commission Workshop

“The next frontier in a lot of this technology is really looking at continuing this connected and automated vehicle technology research,” said Stan Caldwell, adjunct associate professor of transportation and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University. “Because right now, as we saw from the fatality in Tempe, (Ariz.,) there’s still a lot of technological challenges. We’ve got to make sure that this is being deployed safely.”

Caldwell was one of the speakers during a workshop of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, a regional planning agency covering 10 counties in the Pittsburgh region, held Monday at California University of Pennsylvania and titled “Forces of Change and the Future of Our Region.”

Caldwell is executive director of CMU’s Traffic21, a research institute whose “goal is to design, test, deploy and evaluate information and communications technology based solutions to address the problems facing the transportation system of the Pittsburgh region and the nation,”