Autonomous Trucking’s Highway To Broke

Earlier this week, we documented the downward stock market trajectory of Embark Technology, a startup — backed by a host of big-name VCs — that has seen virtually all of its valuation evaporate since going public the past year.

But we’d be remiss to create the impression that Embark is the only high-valuation startup to find obstacles on the road to implementing autonomous trucking. A lot of upstarts devising labor-saving ways to truck goods from point A to point B have found anything but an easy route to market.

Using Crunchbase data, we identified at least six companies, in addition to Embark, that have raised venture capital for autonomous truck technology. Of those six, three have shut down and one has seen its valuation crumble. A couple more are still trucking ahead, having last raised financing in sunnier times for the space.

Below, we look at the most prominent funding recipients, and where they are now: