Autonomous transit — From the moon to your red light

By now, everyone in Pittsburgh has most likely witnessed autonomous vehicle testing on our local streets. At the beginning of the autonomous revolution, it was easy to focus solely on cars. According to Venture Beat, in 2019, five manufacturers tested 55 different autonomous vehicle models in Pittsburgh alone.

However, the development of autonomous transit systems is much more all-encompassing. Even the sky isn’t the limit. We see autonomous transportation technology, in Pittsburgh, in everything from space exploration to intelligent traffic systems that include the stoplights on our streets.

Let’s look at some of the unique applications and advancements Pittsburgh companies are testing and improving for autonomous transportation:..

CMU’s Traffic21 Institute and Rapid Flow Technologies spent several years developing and deploying the Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control system, the market’s most advanced adaptive traffic signal system. The Surtrac adaptive traffic signal system is unique in optimizing traffic flows in complex, dynamic environments.