Autonomous Tractors, Mining Equipment, & Construction Vehicles — Oh, My!

A growing number of people who are following the AV evolution say that industrial, agriculture, construction, and mining applications may be even better suited for autonomy in the near future than passenger vehicles. Why?

Off-highway automated vehicles have fewer human-machine interactions.
It’s simpler to fence-in areas that bound the autonomous operations, increasing safety potential.

There’s already a history of autonomous vehicles being deployed off-highway, such as in defense as well as commercially in large-scale agriculture and mining.

Automation can help offset critical labor shortages, as it’s often difficult to attract a workforce at remote locations or for a short harvest season.

The US is only one site of many around the world that’s becoming more focused on autonomous R&D. The venture-capital community and major internet players are investing heavily in China to close the global/local gap, according to McKinsey & Company.