Autonomous trackless trams for up to 307 passengers to commence testing in Cyberjaya from January

A trackless tram system, known as an automated rapid transit (ART) system will run in Cyberjaya as a pilot programme for a period of three months from January 2022, a report by The Vibes quoted Sepang municipal council president Datuk Abd Hamid Hussain as saying.

The pilot running of the ART will be conducted along Persiaran Rimba Permai and Persiaran Bestari as a test of the trackless trams’ capabilities, as well as to demonstrate the use of green technology, the municipal council president said. This trackless tram can accommodate up to 307 passengers at once, travel at a top speed of 70 km/h and can be operated both manually with a driver or autonomously, said Hamid.

“The three-carriage green vehicle as public transportation suits the council’s vision of low-carbon and smart city concept well, as it offers green mobility,” Hamid said, adding that trackless trams could be the future of public transport in Cyberjaya;