Autonomous ship on transatlantic voyage diverted to Halifax for repairs

A ship with no captain or crew on board has docked in the Halifax harbour to undergo tests and repairs after being diverted from its transatlantic voyage.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship left from Plymouth, U.K., and was originally slated to arrive in Massachusetts, but was rerouted to Halifax due to computer and electrical issues about 1,600 kilometres west of the Azores…

Phaneuf said the ship was running fine after passing through a heavy storm, but the team took an opportunity to get a tow from a Dominion Diving vessel about 300 kilometres from shore…

The project is a collaborative effort between IBM and ProMare, a marine research organization.

Phaneuf, also a founder of ProMare, said the project was a success despite the technical difficulties.

“It’s across the Atlantic Ocean, which was the original intent,” Phaneuf said.