Autonomous Delivery Trucks Are On Their Way

The electric vehicles probably move too slowly to deliver hot foods. Ice cream may not stand up to the desert sun. Then there is the “last twenty feet” problem. Customers will have to walk out to the curb and lug their bags back to the front door. So much for the service being ideal for the infirm.

These are considerable obstacles. Nuro has assembled a team of the brightest problem solvers. They come from the finest schools, like Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Caltech, Oxford and Stanford. And they have won prestigious world competitions like DARPA Urban Challenge, DARPA Robotics Challenge and ImageNet.

Nuro is charging ahead so hard because the prize is so big. Delivery is a big piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Automation removes the last significant friction point in the path between pressing a virtual smartphone button and having real goods show up at your doorstep.