Aurora co-founder Drew Bagnell resigns from company’s board but will remain in chief scientist post

Drew Bagnell, one of the three co-founders of autonomous vehicle company Aurora Innovation Inc., has resigned from the company’s board of directors, though he’ll maintain his position as Aurora’s (NASDAQ: AUR) chief scientist. His departure from the eight-person board leaves the Pittsburgh-based company without a board director who resides in the region it calls home, which is also where the majority of its more than 1,500-person workforce lives.

Per a regulatory filing, Bagnell’s resignation is not due to “any disagreement with (Aurora) concerning any matter relating to its operations, policies, or practices.” The filing stated that Bagnell submitted a notice of resignation on January 12…

In the same filing, however, Aurora announced the appointment of Claire Hughes Johnson to serve as its latest board director, who provides work as a corporate officer and advisor for payment processing software company Stripe Inc.