Aurora CEO Chris Urmson Says There’ll Be Hundreds Of Self-Driving Cars On The Road In Five Years

Chris Urmson, CEO of self-driving car company Aurora, predicts there will be hundreds or maybe thousands of self-driving vehicles on the road within five years, “delivering packages or moving people around.”

Rather than crowd your driveway, these robot vehicles will be parts of large taxi fleets and cargo delivery services, he said. “I think both economically, it’s going to make much more sense as part of a fleet, and socially I think it’s better that these are shared resources,” he told attendees at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

The 15-year veteran in the still-nascent field of autonomous driving made his bones in the DARPA Challenges that ran from 2004 to 2007, then became an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, noted for its artificial intelligence and robotics research, before joining Google to lead its self-driving car project.