Aurora CEO Chris Urmson says self-driving tech too important not to succeed

A pioneer of self-driving cars who led ground-breaking work at Carnegie Mellon University and Google on Tuesday urged Pennsylvania’s top transportation official to take a cautious approach to regulating the evolving industry.

Chris Urmson, CEO and co-founder of Aurora Innovation, warned that overly strict rules on self-driving cars could stifle innovation.

“Despite a lot of the headlines, this is very early,” Urmson said during a discussion with PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards. “We want to be careful that the regulation is not overly prescriptive on how you solve the problem because it will lead to unintended consequences, and it will cause us to almost certainly to end up in some kind of dead end.”

Urmson and Richards sat side-by-side on a stage at the start of the final day of the Pennsylvania Automated Vehicle Summit in Pittsburgh