Audi Urbansphere Is An Autonomous Luxury Car Designed For Chinese Megacities

Audi has imagined a vehicle primarily for transport in Chinese megacities. Designed from the inside out, the Urbansphere is a commuter that promises personal space, something that is in short supply in these dense metropolitan areas. This effectively translates to an expansive cabin that intelligently connects the physical and digital to help promote a sense of well-being on the move.

The Urbansphere was designed and developed collaboratively between Audi’s creative studios in Beijing and its German headquarters in Ingolstadt. And (a new concept for the company), potential local customers took part in the process, contributing their desires and experiences to the development…

This latest concept joins two others in the “Sphere” family, the Skysphere and Grandsphere, both shown last year, as Audi’s vision of how it sees the mobility of tomorrow.