Audi deploys all-new technology intended to save cyclist, pedestrian lives

Audi is one of the leading automakers taking steps to address these concerns and has partnered with tech start-up Spoke Safety. Spoke is using technology that allows the car to better see and identify vulnerable road users with the goal of preventing accidents between cars and pedestrians. NHTSA reported 72% percent of motorists interviewed after an accident said the reason for the accident was that they couldn’t see the cyclist or pedestrian.

The device by Spoke transmits, receives, and communicates directly between the vehicle and the bicycle.

Spoke is integrating its safety product into bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters and even recognizes pedestrians walking or running…

Cities are also taking steps toward making roads safer for everyone by using connected vehicle technologies. The city of Peachtree Corners created a living tech laboratory called the Curiosity Lab. It includes a 3-mile test track on public streets where companies come to test and prove their technology.