Audi and Aptiv invest $285 million in ‘orchestral director’ for self-driving car data

U.S. automotive parts supplier Aptiv joined Samsung Electronics, German chipmaker Infineon, and Volkswagen Group premium brand Audi as a major shareholder in Austria’s TTTech Auto.

Unlike VW associate Argo AI, the Vienna-based firm doesn’t design algorithms to navigate cars through their environment. Instead it ensures mission-critical data circulates throughout the vehicle reliably and swiftly to minimize safety risks—an increasingly complex task as computing requirements of assisted and automated driving features soar…

Much like ensuring an airplane’s electronics function under the most demanding fail-safe requirements, it’s the kind of inner plumbing that only gains notice when something goes wrong. Without being able to guarantee this level of safety, automakers will be loath to market automated driving features.

Its main product is MotionWise, a software program akin to an operating system. It is designed to be microprocessor agnostic while simultaneously meeting the highest industry IT fail-safe standard known as ASIL-D.