AT&T’s car-connectivity formula: 5G plus edge compute plus standalone 5G

AT&T’s connected-car goals aren’t new and neither are its 5G ambitions, but the carrier’s edge-computing buildout means this show can hit the road for real.

The Dallas firm has been making that pitch in a series of recent announcements, and in an interview at the Collision conference two AT&T executives expanded on that vision a bit.

“Now we’re starting to talk about the convergence of network and cloud,” said Igal Elbaz, AT&T’s network chief technology officer. “And what are the different experiences that you need to enable within a vehicle.”

A post Tuesday by AT&T CTO Jeremy Legg cited such 5G-fueled automotive possibilities as defining vehicle-specific network slices “to prioritize safety and mission critical functions of the car, separate from the connectivity used for in-car infotainment,” and deriving “hyper precise positioning” from 5G signals “for intelligent transportation systems, teleoperations, autonomous driving and to identify potential roadside obstacles in advance.”