AT&T inks last-minute 3G roaming deal with T-Mobile

At issue are the potentially millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to AT&T’s aging 3G network (AT&T has said that 1% of its network traffic is 3G, but has not provided a number of affected devices or customers). AT&T announced in 2019 it would shut down its 3G network by this month, and has since been working to move affected customers onto its 4G and 5G networks…

The home alarm industry isn’t the only one affected by AT&T’s shutdown plans. Auto makers ranging from Toyota to Audi will also be affected, considering they use 3G connections for connected car applications such as emergency roadside calling.

And some automakers are implementing workarounds. For example, both Volkswagen and Audi are using Mojio’s 4G Upgrade Program. The automakers are purchasing vouchers for Motion by Mojio, which includes a 4G LTE telematics device, new automatic crash notification and e911 emergency response service.