Arming Emergency Teams With Data From The Connected Car

Starting in the second half of 2022, a new service called HALCYON Post-Crash Intelligence (from Beyond Lucid Technologies) shall be provided initially through app stores Amazon Alexa Auto, Android Auto, and Apple’s App Store for CarPlay. Thereafter, subscribers can reach out via the existing voice interfaces to a software system that matches the request for help to a stored profile. That account would contain secure, HIPAA-compliant database housing a critical-health-data profile of the vehicle’s likely occupants—driver and passengers alike. The software will then provide this known medical, and essential, information from the profile to the emergency personnel who are responding to the scene, based on a range of parameters from the location of the incident to whether the region uses a central dispatching service. When the Responders arrive on-scene, they will be able to validate who is actually present, then access the sorts of critical health background data that—if known—might change what they do to care for those who were impacted by the crash.