Argo CEO says robotaxis are still ‘far away’

If there’s a voice of reason in the autonomous vehicle industry, Bryan Salesky is it.

One might think the CEO of Argo AI would have every reason to hype AVs, such as those being developed and tested by his Pittsburgh company…

We have made an exceptional amount of progress since 2017. There are still technological hurdles. But we have a clear pathway to initial deployment. For large-scale deployment, we are working on leveraging the research community to push the frontier of the next generation of the technology. Operating at night, in fog and falling snow — those are challenges that have yet to be solved.

That’s why we formed the Carnegie Mellon University Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research. To fund the center, we have pledged $15 million over five years to fund a team of five of their top faculty leaders and support graduate students conducting research in pursuit of their doctorates. CMU will push the envelope on the next generation of self-driving technology.