Argo AI Gives Its Ford Escape Hybrid A Big Autonomous Update

Argo, alongside its partnerships with Ford and Volkswagen, has been working on the autonomous car project for quite a while now—and the company has now updated its suite of hardware to further improve the autonomous experience. We’ll run you through what we’re looking at.

According to Argo’s Friday release, the upgraded tech is more affordable and much closer to being automotive grade, which basically means that it can withstand tons of different climates and extreme conditions. Whether your car is baking in the Texas sun or battling a Minnesota blizzard, this tech will need to be functioning at its best.

Argo focused on quite a few different areas for improvement, but the most important are its lidar, radar, and camera technologies.

Previously, Argo’s lidar system was a little bit scattered. Now, it’s been condensed into a single unit that has a longer visual range…