Argo AI and Rapid Flow Technologies partner to integrate tech to make driving more efficient

Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle company Argo AI and Pittsburgh-based software company Rapid Flow Technologies partnered for a pilot project to integrate their technologies.

Rapid Flow Technologies, a Carnegie Mellon University spinout, created an edge computing software called Surtrac. The platform uses video detectors at roadway intersections to collect data, such as the number of vehicles, pedestrians and other road users approaching a traffic light…

“What we are trying to do with Argo is augment that information with actual route information,” Schultz said. “If a vehicle can tell us its route through the next three intersections, then our software has more certain information and can make better optimization decisions.”

The two companies conducted the pilot over several weeks in 2020 with 15 of Argo AI’s self-driving test vehicles…

“The system achieved a 40% reduction in delay, or time wasted sitting at red lights, demonstrating that with self-driving vehicles on roadways sharing information with smart infrastructure, cities can improve traffic flow and cut congestion even further,” Browning wrote in the post.