Are our skies ready for drone deliveries? Israel plans first worldwide test

Delivery drones could soon be flying over your neighborhood to drop off small packages of mail, medicine, food and medical equipment.

But the potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of delivery drones from different companies soaring above city skies requires software to avoid crashes.

The data-sharing test will take place next month in the agricultural areas around Hadera, a city on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The pilot will be expanded in June to urban areas with low-rise buildings.

The pilot program will start with each of the five selected companies flying in its own area. In a later stage, the flights will be expanded to a single, shared airspace. Each company will carry out around 60 flights a day with 20 drones.

The participating Israeli companies–High Lander Aviation; HarTech Technologies; Simplex Interactive; Airwayz Drones; and F.T. Aerial Solutions — will receive grants from the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), which is running the $6 million pilot program.