Aptera publicly debuts the gamma version of its 1,000-mile-range solar electric vehicle

Following the teasing of interior images of the gamma version of its upcoming solar electric vehicle (SEV) last month, Aptera officially debuted the full prototype in front of a crowd in San Diego at Fully Charged Live. The gamma version now marks Aptera’s biggest milestone as it approaches SEV production in 2023…

In early August, Aptera began teasing its latest prototype – gamma. It initially began with a social media post with images of the interior that offers a clean, minimalist look, complete with instrument cluster and center display screens. Video footage released later in August gave the public an even closer look at the gamma phase Aptera.

Now, we have gotten an even better view of Aptera’s gamma SEV, both inside and out during Fully Charged Live, taking place in the startup’s home town of San Diego. Have a look.