Apple’s secretive self-driving car project is starting to come into focus

One of the words that’s most commonly associated with Apple’s self-driving car program is “secretive.” Unlike most of its competitors, Apple has been frustratingly tight-lipped regarding the self-driving cars it’s testing in California. On Wednesday, the company had an opportunity to pull back the curtain on the so-called “Project Titan” with the release of its voluntary safety report to federal regulators. But, unsurprisingly, the smartphone giant is still keeping the most tantalizing details under wraps.

Apple’s report is almost comically short: seven pages, compared to an average length of 39 pages from the other companies who have submitted reports. In it, Apple describes its interest in self-driving systems in broad, world-saving terms, but it’s noticeably mum on practically every key detail surrounding the project. There’s nothing on future deployments or commercial applications for the technology. There aren’t any photos or renderings to pad the length of the report, like other companies have done.