Apple Maps now supports real-time road alerts from emergency vehicles

Apple Maps now supports real-time alerts sourced from Safety Cloud, a digital alerting platform used by emergency responders and construction zones.

Apple’s primary navigation app already supported real-time alerts from other drivers. The introduction of HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud means that Apple Maps users can now receive road hazard warnings reported by professional personnel.

HAAS Alerts are sourced from first responders, towing professional, and other emergency vehicles. When users approach one of these incident sites or vehicles, they’ll receive a real-time alert on their Apple Maps.

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud system is used by more than 1,200 public safety agencies, roadside assistance companies, towing operators, road workers, and other entities with vehicles or roadway equipment.

HAAS Alerts, although a lesser-known service among consumers, actually comes standard on many emergency vehicles manufactured by various brands.