Anti-drunk driving technology could be in all new cars by 2026

The mandate is part of President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law, which he signed in November…

But how would it work?

WISN 12 talked with a software engineer at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Dr. Walter Schilling said the technology itself isn’t new but instead how it would be used.

“One of the initial ideas is some sort of a sensor that would either be embedded in the start button or on the steering wheel. And what it would do is shine infrared light into your finger and basically look for the telltale signs of alcohol in the blood,” Schilling said. “Other systems that have been talked about would potentially look at breath and measuring alcohol content basically in the air. And other systems that are down the road would look at basically camera photos of the drivers are driving to see what is where they have signs of being impaired.”