American Airlines And Virgin Atlantic Buy Up To 400 Flying Taxis

American Airlines announced today it will invest US$25 million in Vertical Aerospace, a leading UK-headquartered business developing eVTOL aircraft. The US carrier aims to help the development of emerging technologies that allow reduced carbon emissions.

Similarly, Virgin Atlantic announced today the purchase of between 50 to 150 eVTOL aircraft; the company will also explore the possibility of a Joint Venture with Vertical Aerospace.

These two announcements are huge and show the promise that eVTOL technology has as the future of urban transportation.

Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, also signed a ground-breaking order for up to 500 eVTOL aircraft. The order has a price of approximately US$2 billion, said the company in a statement.

In just one day, Vertical Aerospace became the single most important player in the eVTOL market.