Amazon And Google Take The Wheel As Car Companies Develop Future Vehicles

Car companies have pushed their own infotainment displays for years. But consumers, who’ve grown used to Google Maps and Amazon Alexa, have pushed back. So automakers are partnering with tech companies to roll out car-optimized apps, voice assistants and remote updates that promise to transform your driving experience.

General Motors (GM), Fiat Chrysler (FCAU), Nissan (NSANY) and Volvo are building Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play Store directly into cars for the first time. They’re using Android-based software built from the ground up for cars, and it will replace carmakers’ factory systems if you so choose. GM is also integrating Amazon (AMZN) Alexa into millions of vehicles, as are Volkswagen, BMW and several other automakers including the hot EV startup Rivian. By contrast, Apple’s (AAPL) CarPlay app appears to be staying on iPhones, rather than migrating to a car’s infotainment system as an embedded feature.