Amanda Johnson

CMU College/School: Heinz College

Major/Minor: Public Policy and Management

Role at Traffic21: Communications and Research Assistant

Why did you decide to get involved with Traffic21? Traffic21 gives students an incredible opportunity to learn about new research and innovations in transportation. Being involved with Traffic21 gives you access to some of the premier researchers in the field and any and all opportunities related to transportation and mobility.

Favorite Traffic21 Memory? My favorite memory was definitely attending the Transportation Research Boards 2018 conference, partially as a result of working at Traffic21, I received a TRB student of the year award with many other students associated with UTCs across the country. A close second, however, was attending our student and staff weekly meetings, where we got to scheme and joke about all things transportation.

Most valuable lesson learned during your time at Traffic21? There are a variety of paths and experiences that will prepare you for a career in transportation. Most people get into the field through round-a-bout means, which is to say that it’s never too late to start a career in transportation!

Why should other students get involved with Traffic21? It’s fun!! And you may never get another opportunity like this one!

What’s next for you – and where? Relocating to Seattle, continuing to work for Traffic21 throughout the summer, and (hopefully) starting work for government or a non-profit related to transportation and environment.

[November 2018 Update:  Amanda is now working as the Operations Coordinator for Seattle CityClub.]

Anything else you want to share? I <3 Traffic21!!