Altruistic Hopes For AI Self-Driving Car Firms To Share Their Proprietary Tech Is A Starry-Eyed Dream

In short, the propositional argument is that the automakers ought to make fully publicly known their self-driving wares since doing so would presumably save lives by sooner achieving driverless cars, based on the assumption that other such firms could all leverage the heretofore secreted and isolated efforts…

That rather starry-eyed altruistic hope is just not going to happen.

It certainly seems like an uplifting humanitarian gesture if it could be done, and maybe it makes sense on a hypothetical basis, but on any practical scale, it’s a no-starter.

Today’s question then is: Would it be viable for all automakers and self-driving car tech firms to share everything they’ve got in order to presumably speed-up the pace of arriving at true self-driving cars?

For numerous reasons, as I’ll argue herein, it isn’t a viable proposition.

Let’s unpack the matter and see.