All UK transportation modes to get digital twin by 2035

The UK Government has announced its intention to facilitate digital twins for all modes of transportation by 2035, in its recently published TRIB Transport Digital Twin Vision and Roadmap to 2035.

Optimising traffic flows, providing live updates on EV chargers, and reducing infrastructure maintenance are just three ways in which digital twins are set to revolutionise transport, all of which can help reach ambitious targets for achieving net zero.

The new roadmap details the steps required to deliver the vision for connected digital twins across four key areas: strategy and innovation; enabling environment; people, skills and culture; and technology and data. It will be a tool for engagement and alignment around common strategic priorities.

The Roadmap aims to: “Enable a trusted ecosystem of connected digital twins for multi-modal UK transport networks. This will facilitate effective decision?making to optimise solutions and deliver efficient, safe, and environmentally conscious mobility for people and goods.?”