AI Weekly: For evidence of academic investment in AI, look no further than Pittsburgh

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced this week that it would invest $1 billion in a new college of computer engineering: the Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing. It’s the single largest investment in artificial intelligence (AI) by a U.S. academic institution to date. And when the new building hosts its first classes in 2022, it’ll be the largest structural addition to MIT’s campus since the 1950s.

But MIT isn’t the only university channeling funds toward AI education.

Yet another AI-forward institution of note is Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), which partnered with Bosch’s Center for Artificial Intelligence on an $8 million research project that goes through 2023. CMU has the additional distinction of being the first university to offer an undergraduate degree in AI, and it neighbors the ARM Institute, a $250 million initiative focused on accelerating the advancement of transformative robotics technologies and education in the U.S. manufacturing industry.