Advocates study: Cost too high, riders served too low to justify shuttle through Schenley Park

A new report from transportation advocates argues that the price is too high and number of riders served would be too low to justify Pittsburgh’s plan to build a road, with the possibility of a shuttle service, through Schenley Park, connecting Hazelwood and Oakland.

“A People’s Audit of the Mon-Oakland Connector,” released Friday by Pittsburghers for Public Transit and the Carnegie Mellon University student-led Tech4Society, concluded that an extension of Port Authority bus routes from Hazelwood to other neighborhoods would better serve residents, bringing them to nearby grocery stores, business districts and hospitals…

The city describes the project as one that “creates trail connections for pedestrians, cyclists and a micro-transit service between neighborhoods along the Monongahela River and Oakland,” according to its 2020 capital budget that outlines $18.6 million in funding from 2019 to 2025, with $8 million from prior years unexpended.