Advocates: City Must Make E-Mobility Safer and More Widespread — And Here’s How To Do It

The group, plus advocates including Los Deliveristas Unidos, United Parcel Service, Oonee, Open Plans, and WE ACT for Environmental Justice, will gather at 10 a.m. on W. 19th Street and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan to demand changes and discuss their recommendations..

Success, Transportation Alternatives said, hinges on three pillars:

More Space: Car-centric streets must be redesigned into spaces for more modes of transport, and the city must create new, dedicated, 20-mile-per-hour lanes and widen existing bike lanes for modes of varying speeds…

Incentives: The city and state must give New Yorkers financial incentives to shift from cars, plus create secure, on-street parking for e-mobility.

Safe charging: Like others, including City Council Member Keith Powers, the group is calling for battery trade-in programs and safe public charging.