AAA recommends limiting use of partially automated driving systems

AAA is recommending that the use of partially automated driving systems be limited after tests showed they do not always work accurately.

Researchers for the group investigating partially automatic driving systems from five manufacturers ran the vehicles over a distance of 4,000 miles, and found problems occurring every eight miles, according to a release from AAA.

The researchers found the most problems with systems that are meant to keep vehicles in their proper lanes and prevent collision with other cars and trucks.

AAA found significant problems during simulations where it placed a broken-down car in the vehicle’s path. It reported that about two-thirds of the time, a test vehicle would strike the stalled car at an average speed of 25 mph.

Their findings also showed that partially automated systems combined with controls on acceleration, braking and steering would often quit working without immediately prompting drivers, which could lead to dangerous accidents if drivers are not fully aware in an emergency.