AAA Acquires Largest Autonomous Vehicle Test Site in the Country

The largest autonomous vehicle test site in the United States has been acquired by AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah, one of the most familiar car-club brands in the country.

GoMentum Station, an AV testing site in Concord, Calif., in the Bay Area, has been bought by the West Coast AAA organization, in a move to continue and expand the numerous AV testing projects, which range from self-driving personal cars to shuttle vehicles.

GoMentum Station was under the management of the Contra Costa (County) Transportation Authority (CCTA), which is still heavily involved in the facility’s operations…

“As a private not-for-profit organization with a broad national network, we believe we can leverage our history as a transportation advocate to build upon the work of CCTA at GoMentum, and ensure this technology is developed safely,” he added, in an email.