A New Smart City Pilot Program in Massachusetts

Draper, a not-for-profit advanced technology developer, is providing the pilot with expertise in data fusion, statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and visualization tools to inform decision-making, often with high stakes outcomes. Miovision is providing TrafficLink, a smart intersection platform, which provides all the tools needed to monitor and understand traffic flowing through an intersection, including signal monitoring, video streaming and an open architecture for sharing and analyzing the resulting traffic data.

The technology-community partnership—dubbed Data Driven Comprehensive Road Safety—features a video-based traffic safety measurement system. The system generates data that will be used to objectively and continuously measure the risk to the most vulnerable road users: pedestrians and cyclists…

The intended outcome will be a first-of-its-kind capability to inform cities trying to design future intersection for safety and drastically reduce the time to make a safety intervention—to days or weeks in comparison to months or even years associated with current approaches to post-incident investigations.