A homegrown revolution The next generation of wireless technology, 5G, is being developed in the U.S.—and is set to transform life as we know it.

“[5G] will be the vehicle for technical innovations on multiple fronts,” noted Swarun Kumar, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He expects the advancement to usher in a new era of creativity from American entrepreneurs. One area where he sees the potential for major improvements is in immersive tech and high-definition video, with applications that extend beyond gaming and entertainment. Imagine a future where an architect, wearing a VR headset, could see a building as it was being designed? Another sector ripe for innovation is the Internet of Things (IoT), which can benefit from the ability to connect more devices and crunch more data. Here the possibilities that arise from the availability of 5G infrastructure are vast—everything from highly-efficient smart power grids to hospital monitoring systems.