A Green Light for AV’s

Self-driving vehicles are coming to a street near you. Cities must have a plan to address them…

In Pittsburgh, the relationship between the mayor’s office, Carnegie Mellon University and private sector partners spurred the development of a strong, well-aligned coalition for autonomous vehicle leadership.

Carnegie Mellon is a talent engine for Pittsburgh – and one of the key centers of the global autonomous vehicle ecosystem – attracting and spinning off thriving startups. Early on, Uber partnered with Carnegie Mellon’s robotics department to launch a fleet of self-driving cars on city streets. This relationship soured as Pittsburgh leaders felt the company wasn’t meeting its side of the bargain, backing away from initial promises on free rides and job creation, among others. But it’s not the only self-driving car company in town. Ford-backed Argo AI is testing self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh, as is autonomous car startup Aurora.