77 autonomous vehicles drove over 500,000 miles across Beijing in 2019

Hot on the heels of the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s annual autonomous vehicle disengagement report, Beijing’s Innovation Center for Mobility Intelligent (BICMI) published its 2019 survey of self-driving vehicles being tested on local roads. Beyond Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Beijing is one of the few cities globally to mandate autonomous car companies disclose the miles they’ve driven, as well as the size of their vehicle fleets and the disengagements — or autonomous system failures — they have experienced.

A total of 77 autonomous vehicles from 13 China-based companies — Baidu, Nio, Beijing New Energy, Daimler, Pony.ai, Tencent, Didi, Audi, Chongqing Jinkang, NavInfo, Toyota, and Beijing Sankuai — covered 1.04 million kilometers (~646,226 miles) on Beijing roads during 2019, according to the BICMI. That’s up from the 153,600 kilometers (~95,442.6 miles) eight firms drove in 2018.