70% of Seniors Embrace Self-Driving Cars, Says New Study

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) and Volkswagen Group of America released the results of an online survey that reveals approximately 70% of older adults said they have trust in SDRH services and believe that such services could help them complete tasks outside the home…

According to the study, 75% of respondents said they expect to use SDHR technologies in the future. Seventy-one percent agreed it would help them keep their independence.

Public transportation, taxis, and ride hailing services can be options for older adults. Alternatives to driving are not available in many rural areas.

An estimated 2,500 people over the age of 55 responded to the NCOA survey. The average age of respondents was 60. Sixty-four percent were male.

Seventy-five percent of the respondents were white, while 15% were Black/African American, 4.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native, and 30% Hispanic/Latino. Eighty-eight percent of the respondents were from metro areas, while 8% resided in suburban areas and 4% lived in rural areas.