6 Trends on ‘Perception’ for ADAS/AV

Asked if the AI-driven car will ever attain “the common sense understanding” — knowing that it is actually driving and understanding its context, Bart Selman, a computer science professor at Cornell University who specializes in AI, said at the conference’s closing panel: “It will be at least 10 years away…, it could be 20 to 30 years away.”

Meanwhile, among those eager to build ADAS and highly automated cars, the name of the game is in how best they can make vehicles see.

The very foundation for every highly automated vehicle is “perception” — knowing where objects are, noted Phil Koopman, CTO of Edge Case Research and professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Where AVs are weak, compared to human drivers, is “prediction” — understanding the context and predicting where the object it perceived might go next, he explained.