3 in 10 Americans would rather swim with sharks than ride an autonomous vehicle

We here at TNW had a very interesting conversation with the folks at Lynx Software Technologies, who shared with us their new consumer survey exploring Americans’ sentiment towards autonomous vehicles.

According to the findings, Americans are mostly positive about this technological step forward, but they’re still very, VERY skeptical.

The majority of respondents (52% out of a total of 1,000 surveyed) are excited by the prospect of AVs, but almost half feel uncertain or fearful of the concept (30% and 14%, respectively). And while many are looking forward to autonomous vehicles, only 36% are eager to give up control behind the wheel…

Despite the overall wariness, the surveyed Americans do believe that AVs will take off in the future.

Almost three quarters of respondents expect that by 2041 most people will end up using some type of autonomous vehicle on a regular basis.