Colorado to add 150 new connected vehicle devices to roadways

The company, Yunex Traffic, announced it will provide 150 roadside devices over the next year to expand Colorado’s connected vehicles initiative, which kicked off in 2016. The devices, called RSU2X units, can receive data and send messages to vehicles equipped with their own transmitters…

“Instead of one speed limit sign or traffic delay notification that applies to everyone over long stretches of roadway, we’ll soon have just-in-time information sent right to a vehicle’s display based on its precise location and surrounding conditions,” explains a Colorado DOT video.

Colorado is one of many states steadily building out connected-vehicle tech — there are connected vehicle deployments in at least 26 other states, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. And nine other states are currently planning their first connected vehicle projects.

While reducing congestion is a common goal for state transportation departments, safety considerations tend to be the top priority.