Australian Company Unveils 1,340 Horsepower Electric Motor for Hypercar, Hyperloop Applications

An Australian company by the name of HyperPower Technologies has developed an electric motor that generates a mammoth 1,340 horsepower.

The electric motor, code-named the QFM-360-X, measures about 17 inches in diameter and is designed to be scalable. HyperPower said ten of them could be mounted on a common shaft to deliver 13,400 hp.

To demonstrate the performance, HyperPower teamed up with electric drag racers Top EV Racing and built a Top Fuel-style dragster powered by four of the motors for a combined output of 5,360 hp. Performance estimates for the electric beast include a 0-124 mph time of 0.8 seconds, a 0-330 mph time of 3.7 seconds, and a top speed of 380 mph…

Some of the potential areas where we might see the motors turn up include aerospace applications, mining, high-speed rail including hyperloops should the technology eventuate, and yes, even hypercars. A car running just one of the motors would already be among the most powerful cars in production.